The US Today

The US Today

The time is now for a new system of checks and balances to hold our politicians accountable to the public’s interest. At SunBloc it is our mission for a system that represents all people, not just the opulent. But first, we must take a step back and learn about the issues that created this dysfunctional system of government that continues to not meet the needs of the people, and understand and how we have gotten to this point in the US today. This is “part two” of a two part series of articles that addresses our past and present issues that tries to explain the parallels of our failed federal system, and to look into options to empower voters while holding politicians accountable to the people.


This section will be continuously updated as events play out in the current political timeline on a daily or weekly basis. Do not be surprised if you happen upon subjects not being fully completed in their entirety. As of today, the writings below are dated April 11th, 2020.

Problem Statement:

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

As we have transcended the course of history in our Part One, where Prof. Timothy Scott explains in great detail how the current US Constitution has been a foundation for the “diseases” that created the “symptoms” of toxic and exploitative government over the people. In part two of the SunBloc white paper, we will show the parallels from our history that continues to run unchecked today, where not much has changed in regards to an antiquated US political system that does not represent the interests of the people.  Our goal is to show the need for a new peaceful and passive resistive system to hold all politicians accountable to the people.

A Truly Living Constitution Should Have A Lifespan and Ratification Process


“Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.”

Thomas Jefferson

In America, hidden from the public as by design of the majority of broken US policies, history, and laws; most people are probably unaware that we are one of the few countries in the world that continues to use an outdated and grossly negligent Constitution that is built upon “negative rights,” where we are now in the midst of a global pandemic and ravages of income inequality that are leading to a second great depression. The negative rights that our system preys upon are not protecting the needs of its people, but that of the opulent. We are in dire need of positive rights to give our citizens a floor for future success; the right to free healthcare, education, food, and housing.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the few intriguing intellects, while being a slave-holder, understood that in a truly socially-progressive society, the US should have a ratification process to the Constitution every 19 years so that it would reflect society’s most needed policies of its time. 

When you look at the majority of countries that have a process similar to what was mentioned and endorsed by Thomas Jefferson, these countries that are future-focused-critical thinkers also guaranteed a foundation for their people to thrive; guaranteeing free education and healthcare, decent homes, and food. Constitution Project is one such organization that brings a database of all the world’s constitutions together in one space where it shows that the US is one of the few rogue nations to no guarantee mainstream rights of healthcare and education for all. When looking at the map of countries that offer universal healthcare, it is clear as day how the United States is willing to continue to stand out with their antiquated views that their citizens should suffer from the plight of a for-profit-healthcare system. While in the thrusts of a global pandemic, only those with positive symptoms of COVID-19 will have their bills covered, while those with terminal cancer or other ailments will still be subjected to being priced out or refused care and services. 



SunBloc Source: Universal Healthcare Map  Wikicommons

Of course, this is America, and those are not the values of the status quo. When people ask about “how did we get here and what went wrong”, it’s based on the diseases that created the symptoms of this broken US political system over two centuries ago, and how the founders viewed the majority of citizens in this country.

The US Constitution is only recognized by the racism and bigotry of the GOP and Trump if it fits their agenda, while corporations and democratic centrists use it to protect the establishment agenda (did we forget Joe Biden just said he would consider a republican as VP?!), as the majority can’t even reference the Constitution to protect the citizens of this country today.

Where was it during the keystone pipeline? Where is the protection of the Constitution when petty marijuana arrests or predatory fines enslave people as the 13th amendment justifies modern-day slavery of the poor and people of color? Where is governmental accountability of the 2nd amendment, which states that right to bear arms are for “regulated Militias,” instead of zero accountability or mental health and back background checks of gun owners on an annual basis? The list goes on and on of how the establishment and the GOP only recognize the Constitution at the expense and exploitation and safety of the majority, not as a foundation or safety net to protect its citizens.

Gross Negligence in the Era of the Coronavirus Pandemic


As we entered into April of 2020, we are now amid a global pandemic that has been unprecedented since the Spanish Flu where scholars Antoni Trilla, Guillem Trilla, Carolyn Daer stated: “The estimated number of deaths related to the infection worldwide ranged from 20 to >50 million.”

With the ravages of coronavirus spreading across the globe, experts from the CDC and Matthew Biggerstaff are estimating the worst-case scenario that citizens in the US will experience as follows:

  • 160 million and 214 million people in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic
  • 200,000 to 1.7 million people could die
  • 2.4 million to 21 million people in the United States could require hospitalization

In the midst of this, our federal government is taking advantage of this pandemic to operate with gross negligence and corruption when Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, James Inhofe took insider trading information of the reports of the pandemic to sell off their stock shares before the Wall Street market collapsed. Be it blind trusts or simple corruption, no politician should be allowed to own assets while in office. 

With Mitch McConnel’s and Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous Coronavirus stimulus bill that will disenfranchise 50 million people through means-testing their leadership and lack of compassion will lead to civil unrest. This disenfranchised group will not be able to survive and wait out this pandemic without financial assistance over the next several months. As of today’s date of April 11th, farmers in California are letting crops and food rot as food banks are buckling under the demand to feed those that have lost their income and jobs. Manuela Tobias and Robert Rodriguez of CalMatters state:

For many farmers, it’s more cost-effective to let crops rot in the fields. They can’t afford to harvest it if there is no market for it, and food banks can’t cover the full cost of labor. Pre-pandemic, the Central California Food Bank served around 280,000 families per month. Anecdotally, agencies have reported anywhere between a 40% to 100% increase in clients accessing services, according to Chief Operations Officer Natalie Caples.

Obviously this a failure and predatory nature of capitalism, where its acceptable to let the public starve than to let them eat. 

In addition, 80% of people live paycheck to paycheck from all income groups, where the fallout will be unbearable for most Americans to make it within the coming weeks and months. Even the Federal Government’s own 100-page reports state this pandemic will last over 18 months. When you compound this with panic buying, there will be groups of people that will be financially ruined and destitute.  

50.4 million people’s lives are going to be destroyed by this (excludes retired people that are liquid). When you include layoffs and those that won’t qualify for unemployment insurance, where the average family size is comprised of 3 people, we are talking about 120+ million people that will be impacted by this upcoming depression. Yet, even establishment democrats in Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer are just fine with means-testing which will guarantee to systematically disenfranchise tens of millions of people. Journalist Akela Lacy of The Intercept states:

But, while Republicans and Democrats in Congress have swiftly put forth plans to immediately give Americans extra cash, Pelosi and her fellow Democratic leaders have moved more slowly, saying that they want to ensure payments benefit Americans most in need rather than indiscriminately giving out cash.

The blame is not just with political right and center, but that of the left as well, where 100% of all politicians rammed this disastrous stimulus bill onto the American public, gifting close to $5 trillion dollars to corporations while a means-tested few will only get a one-time payment of $1200. Chuck Schummer even states that this will not be enough to fix the economy, while corporations will be given unquestionable amounts of cash to buy up foreclosed businesses and properties at rock bottom prices. In short, we are experiencing the 2008 financial crisis on steroids and our politicians failed the American public yet again. Corporations have saddled taxpayers with $18k of debt in exchange for a one-time payment of $1200, these numbers do not add up and it should make you very mad at this point.

The writing is very clearly written on the wall that our government will continue to leave the most vulnerable behind from all socio-economic classes that have been means-tested out of aid, which will create a class war against the government that will change the fabric of this country for generations to come. We need fundamental and radical change to force our politicians to be accountable to the people.

The Climate Change Clock Has Run Out!


SunBloc source: Sir David Attenborough wikicommons

“It’s too late to reverse it (climate change). Not only in my lifetime but in the next lifetime.”

Sir David Attenbourgh

Since the industrial revolution, man has been and currently is today the cause for all the issues we are experiencing with rising sea levels, out of control wildfires, massive animal and ocean life extinctions, and die-offs. In addition, there are citizens in the US that are dying from climate-related issues of air pollution and contaminated drinking water here at home; Flint Michigan and their water crisis is one example. With the recent Australian and Brazil’s Amazon forest fires that have decimated over half a billion animals, and displaced millions of people, the writing is very clear on the wall… climate change is a real and ever-encroaching threat to humanity that must be dealt now and on a global level. 

100 corporations are responsible for 71% of all global emissions worldwide, where the US military-industrial complex is the #1 polluter in the world. World governments are claiming to take climate change seriously though the Paris Agreement that Trump has chosen to disqualify the US from, to where we now have a very small window to reverse the negative impacts of climate change. There are less than 10 years to fix irreversible climate change, and with every passing year, we are limiting our options if we don’t hold our politicians accountable to future generations.

Studies by the EU estimates we are eight and a half years from irreversible climate change with an 80% chance of successfully reversing it if we start now (as in this very minute!), while if we go by establishment’s standards to combat climate change, there will be less than 50% success rate by the year 2030 as their target-start date. On this timeline alone, we are playing roulette with our only home unless drastic measures are taken today.

The estimated cost to the United States economy will be close to $500 billion dollars a year by 2090 pushed onto taxpayers. Today, we are still seeing the rolling back of environmental regulations by the EPA and the Trump Administration.  With politicians currying up to corporations through legal bribery of Citizens United, we are dealing with environmental polluters that are buying political influence to poison our planet. It is time to think of a system that reverses legalized bribery of our politicians and to roll out the Green New Deal.

The other misconception that a democratic president will fair better for the environment is baseless, when in fact the current democratic front runner in Joe Biden is also known for his dismal reviews on climate change. Joe Biden has openly accepted donations from the fossil fuel industry, and The Sunrise Movement has scored him as the worst democratic presidential candidate to help irreversible climate at a score of 37.5%

In the US-politically-charged society that values profits over the wellbeing of the planet and its citizens, the Paris Climate Accord is not strong enough to force the change that needs to happen today and in less than ten years. It may seem like a great start and allows for politicians to claim they care, but these are empty promises unless drastic action and accountability to hold all politicians to their promises are put into place. 

Data presented by Climate Action Tracker shows the Obama administration mid-century strategy that comes up far from short by the 2050 window highlighted by the red trajectory on reversing emissions in the US. The light green bar is shown in the year 2020-2030 would indicate they are holding to the standards of the Paris Climate Agreement, which of course there would be no opportunity to reach it unless it is started today. I repeat today, not tomorrow or thirty years from now, but today. 


SunBloc Source: Climate Action Tracker

Unless fast and drastic actions are taken, and the SunBloc system is put into place to be a check against corporate and political greed that has put the lives of billions in the balance, we will see unprecedented levels stress on society as people are displaced from their homes, and food and water become harder to obtain due to the environmental impact of climate change. All the while, there is still no tangible plan to force public servants to be held accountable to the citizens here in the US and across the globe to force radical action to combat the threats of climate change within the next ten years.

 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states the following three scenarios that will affect regions of the world, both in 1st world and 3rd world countries:

  1. Destabilization of international order by environmental refugees and the emergence of conflicts as a result of multiple climate change impacts
  2. Climate change—alone or in combination with other environmental pressures—may exacerbate resource scarcities in developing countries. These effects are thought to be highly nonlinear, with the potential to exceed critical thresholds along each branch of the causal chain.
  3. [Climate change] could have severe social effects, which, in turn, may cause several types of conflict, including scarcity disputes between countries, clashes between ethnic groups, and civil strife and insurgency, each with potentially serious repercussions for the security interests of the developed [1st] world.

There is no more time to ignore the signs of how our government is failing to meet the dire concerns of climate change. We must take drastic action now to hold all government officials accountable for their inaction today. To keep believing our government is doing right by the people, be it during their leadership and the catastrophe of the 2008 financial crisis, or today’s current global pandemic, it is showing that our political system is grossly negligent in times of crisis. To say otherwise is to say that our government is to be complacent with a kleptocratic system that is fueled by the money of corporate interests. There will be no vaccine in the future if irreversible climate change barrels down upon us without a drastic restructuring of policies and socio-economic systems. The time is now for that change.

A Constitutional Crisis That Has Begun 230 Years Ago: If Trump is the Symptom, What Created the Disease?


SunBloc Source: Adam Smith Wikicommons

“Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all.”

 Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

For those that have heard Donald Trump being called a “symptomof the US political system, you have to ask yourself “what caused the disease that got us here in the first place?” Unless we choose to ignore our past, history tells us exactly how we have gotten to this point where our future is now in peril. 

The causes of the diseases that have led to our current political system started over two centuries ago. Today it still exists in the runup to the 2020 elections, where we are seeing both republicans and democratic-centrist in lockstep to hold onto the concept of “not fundamentally changing a thing,” to where we are now at the proverbial cliff of several major issues plaguing all Americans today:

  •  ICE concentration camps and immigration
  • Gun control
  • Irreversible climate change
  • Healthcare is a privilege and not a right
  • Income inequality
  • Homelessness
  • The broken criminal justice system,
  • Voter suppression
  • Net neutrality
  • White nationalism
  • Free college and tech schools for all

To move on to a better future, we must look at our past, and it does start with the founders and their concerns to why they drafted a Constitution that was created to protect the monied-interests of the aristocratic establishment at the expense of the majority’s needs. 

Over the past 230 years, the founders implemented a claimed “living document” that seems to only be living for and protecting the aristocratic elite, politicians, and foreign interests at the expense of all US citizens. The founders did not view the common citizens as equals in their eyes at that time as we are seeing today in our fractured system. 230 years ago the poor and working-class were viewed as the ‘propertyless faction’ that must be controlled, not as equals, but under the notion of a facade of equality, when in fact this is very far from the truth. The only way to explain this is to have you read the words directly from the founders themselves, and get a sense of the logic of their interests where 4 of the 7 were slave owners and their views of us.

Below are quotes from two founders, George Washington and James Madison, and their view about the common citizen on the need of the US Constitution.

George Washington:


“To contain the threat of the people rather than to embrace their participation and their competence…” “The anarchy of the propertyless would give way to despotism.”

James Madison (Federalist 10):


“To secure the public good and private rights against the danger of such a faction,”…”and at the same time preserve the spirit and form of popular government, is then the great object to which our inquiries are directed.”

The founders created a system that has been tied to money, where the value and political ideoligies of the US government is heavily influenced by corporate-monied interests, while citizens have to fight tooth-and-nail over the past two centuries for rights we have today, yet it is today that we are regressing and losing our rights in this current era of government corruption and inequality as there ever has been witnessed in US history.  

With the questionable election of 2016 that ushered in Donald J. Trump, the US Constitution and our citizens are having their rights systematically being tested, taken away, or simply ignored in what looks like a system that taxes us yet fails to represent the majority’s interests and needs; 79% of all Americans believe politicians are ‘out of touch with average Americans.’ We are seeing a corrupt and criminal GOP, along with a President that wants to end democracy while empowering an Authoritarian Plutocracy regime change. 

Trump is a symptom of a diseased US political system where both parties hold the interests of the rich, foreign oligarchs, and corporations at the expense and neglect of the majority of US voters. It was once quoted from Michael Parenti author of Democracy For The Few:


“Someone once defined a politician as a person who receives votes from the poor and money from the rich on the premise of protecting each from the other.”

There is a dire need to fix this broken and corrupt political system that relies solely on the “good faith” of our US politicians to morally and ethically do their job in the interest of their constituents; so far they are failing all of us and continue to do so. Over the past 230 years we’ve seen the crumbling of this democracy and an ever-encroaching date with fate if the US does not transform our economic and political system to combat against the very real global killer of Climate Change; there are less than 8 and a half years to transition the US economy to renewables. This is the responsibility of all US citizens to make sure the planet is habitable for the sake of our children’s future, not just the self-interests of corrupt individuals, corporations and crony politicians. 

At any moment on this environmentally sensitive timeline a compromised 2020 election enabled by Russia, the GOP, and Trump will guarantee irreversible climate change. This is why a new Digital Bill of Rights and banking system is needed to hold our politicians accountable and to take the corruption out of politics; we are being taxed yet the majority of voter’s voices are not being heard (No Taxation Without Representation!). 

Today, and since 2012 with HR Bill 347, we are seeing a federal government actively seeking to criminalize nonviolent-protests to stifle any dissent. Because of how there is little disregard to the first amendment and the crisis of irreversible climate change, the keystone pipeline protest was all for not as 300K gallons of oil ended up destroying the Dakota wetlands and water table. This is exactly why people need to be the final check against a corrupt government that values the corporate dollar over the needs of the people and voters. We can not choose to stand by and have our voices silenced as we are being taxed into irreversible climate change, to where it will cost all taxpayers $500 billion dollars a year by 2090. The 12th hour is upon us to rectify the “good faith” lost in our politicians to do their jobs since now the time is literally up to the trust they will help our society to combat against irreversible climate change.    

With more than 17 Million votes purged in Red states between 2016 and 2018, we are seeing unprecedented levels of Republican corruption that has disenfranchised people of color and the poor by silencing the most vulnerable of those that are wanting and needing their political system to represent them. There is no excuse for red states to hold their citizens politically and economically hostage by stripping people of their right to vote. Red states tend to be “Federal Net Takers” of federal dollars at the financial expense of blue states who are “Federal Net Payers” paying into the Red state’s system. On a national level we are seeing that the Republican party is happy to exploit this financial situation where blue states are paying into these Red state programs through taxes, yet are holding the whole country hostage by not representing the majority’s interest; gun control, women’s rights over their bodies, voter suppression, Judge packing, and rolling back Climate Change laws for the interests of corporations.   

When looking at America under the microscope of the American Human Development Index (AHDI), you will find that blue and red-state political and economic systems are vastly different; economically and politically we are two different countries. The AHDI takes into account the metrics of state education, healthcare, and political system and the effects it has on their local populations. In this case, most Blue States citizens live a quality of life similar to living in the Netherlands, while those citizens living in Red states have a quality of life similar to that of living in Russia. 

SunBloc is a movement and platform to provide peaceful and passive resistive change while empowering labor and voters in Blue Democratic States to be a definitive “check” against a fractured political system where the “good faith” of our politicians are in the pockets and self-interests of the elites. As blockchain technology has been evolving over the past 30 years, SunBloc believes it is time to create a blockchain platform that works for the everyday American to leverage the majority’s voices for once in the context of American History that tends to cater to the interests of the rich at the expense of the most vulnerable working poor and middle class.

The Military-Industrial Complex Wasteful Spending: Forever Wars on the Taxpayers Dime


SunBloc Source: Photographed by Louie Psihoyos/Corbis

“Every GOP administration since 1952 has let the Military-Industrial Complex loot the Treasury and plunge the nation into debt on the excuse of a wartime economic emergency.”

Hunter S. Thompson

In light of the Afghanistan Papers where the Afghanistan war alone cost America $2 trillion dollars reported by NY Times reporter Sarah Almukhtar and Rod Nordland. It is clear that the American people have been on the hook for wasteful spending for decades, where Brown University estimated total costs are close to $5 trillion dollars (pdf) have been spent on these forever wars between 2001 and 2016. We are seeing the frivolous spending continues today as the bipartisan establishment support just approved a $1.48 trillion dollars discretionary military spending bill over the next two years without batting an eye while we are still reeling from a broken healthcare and education system that seems to never be properly funded for the benefit of the people as a right, but we can always find ways to fund war that are built upon manufactured consent. 

When looking at military spending before the 9/11 attacks our military budget was only $429 billion dollars a year, it is now to be projected at $989 billion dollars in 2020 alone (graph below). We went to war against Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies generated by the Bush and Chaney administration, which Obama and now Trump is continuing to grow upon and hold onto the helm to allow the taxpayer to be a blank check to the establishment when our tax dollars are needed here at home; coronavirus pandemic, health care for all, tech & college for all, free student lunches, criminal justice reform, a livable wage, climate change reform, etc. 


Sources: Statista 2000-2018 US military budgets and International Business Times US military budgets combined

With 1.29 million active military members with an average salary of $62K, and you include gear, maintenance and upkeep of the military bases it comes to $571 billion dollars all-in each year, and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) cost of $174 billion, an increase of $71 billion dollars, making the grand total $740 billion of worldwide military operations budgeted in the US alone. I’ve intentionally excluded $212.9 billion from the grand total since this amount accounts for 18.8 million vets under the VA’s health care system ($93.1 billion), Homeland Security ($51.7 billion), State Department ($42.8 billion) the National Nuclear Security Administration in the Department of Energy ($16.5 billion), and the FBI and Cybersecurity in the Department of Justice, but also must include $80 billion dollars in dark budget spending because we need to concentrate on wasteful spending by the Pentagon mentioned in the Afghanistan papers. 

Now, the military has given us access to technologies like GPS, internet, and cell phones, and medications, yet there is a staggering amount of money that is also simply wasted as well. This wasteful spending is a massive issue, where an audit revealed $21 trillion dollars in unauthorized spending has been unaccounted for during the past 20 years by Mark Skidmore, professor of economics at Michigan State University through having zero oversight or proper logistics accounting to justify Pentagon spending. 

This amount of unaccounted money is flowing to just 0.009% of the US population, at the expense of 330 million people dealing with a rigged economy exacerbated by income inequality, broken healthcare and criminal justice system, and where higher education is a privilege and not a right to all people. We need a system where we stop these wars and position the United States as a leader of the free world by a system that empowers the everyday citizens, and those that seek freedom abroad as well in regions of conflict. Below you find a list of frivolous spending of taxpayer money, where the military was known to not even practice US accounting standards:

When trying to find this “black hole” of wasted taxpayer money there seem to be massive flaws in the Pentagon’s logistics and auditing practices in general, along with predatory contractors and CEO pay that is siphoning off tens of billions of dollars, while also failing 1.3 US veterans that live at poverty wages where the SNAP program that Trump is now trying to remove. That is around 14.4% of all veterans that are at risk of both not having an income or food to support their families. This is where there is a need to provide free college and tech schools for our vets while rethinking how many active members are needed in general in the US because there is no justification for our veterans to be suffering in this way. 

As of 2016, Craig Whitlock and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post found that the Pentagon hid $125 billion in unauthorized and wasteful spending, $125 billion. There needs to be a downgrade on wasteful military spending without alienating our Vets here at home and their pensions, we can do this by cutting our troop numbers since on the global stage we’ve lost all credibility as a US hegemonic force. 

Henry Ferell and Abraham Newman of Foreign Affairs likens our global downfall on the world stage to that of the fall of Athens; where Athenian hegemonic policies fell upon their allied conquered states to do their bidding; this, in the end, was a major factor and signal to the fall of Athens. Ferell and Newman explain that the US political machine has been propping up the facade of military might on the notion of freedom, when in fact US hegemony is operating on a foundation of nefarious strategies through US financial markets to exacerbate the countries they occupy by Weaponizing global finance. Ferell and Newman state:

In the early stages of building this financial empire, the United States at least consulted with its allies and gave them the chance to speak out against measures that affected their firms. Under the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, however, Washington has been unwilling even to pretend to defer to allies, who receive little if any advance warning of coming sanctions that might hurt their companies or stymie their foreign policy objectives. In a growing number of cases, U.S. allies are actually the objects of U.S. economic coercion. High-ranking U.S. officials have, for instance, warned U.S. allies in Europe that they may face secondary sanctions if they try to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

In this case, we are seeing the US not only physically occupy and devastate these countries, but also causing our dwindling allies to be pigeonholed as US puppets, forcing our allies to choose to do our bidding by forcing policies that systematically devastate third world countries citizenry, economy, and any sense of stability while claiming to be a beacon of freedom and democracy for no good reason than to line the pockets of few hundred hedge fund managers and oligarchs, when there are better options to restructure our US hegemonic policies for the better the through the SunBloc system.

The “Ratchet Effect”: The Overton Window Explained


SunBloc Source: Barack Obama and Donald Trump Wikicommons

“Here in America, the difference between Democrats and Republicans…we are fighting inside the 40-yard line… I am talking about lowering the corporate tax rate, my health care reform is based on the private market…There is probably 70% overlap on a whole range of issues…”

Barack Obama

Ever since Ronald Reagan, there has been a shift over the decades escalating both an ideological and political push further and further right on the US political spectrum, i.e. the Overton Window, where we are living in a right-wing-autocratic extremist country captured by Wall Street. We have been witnessing this slow lurch into democratic backsliding and retrogression that has been perpetuated by the Reagan administration and continues to this day in bipartisan support.

To understand what has led to this ever-encroaching lurch of a failed state in the US, we should look at a list of all policies by both parties since Ronald Reagan that created the symptoms of the diseases that have tended to favor monied interests and their donors over the interests of the people that continues today. This list includes all presidents since Ronald Reagan, which includes George Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. This list will show how both parties are truly aligned on policies of the opulent while disenfranchising the poor and middle class where the Overton Window has been pushed to far-right extremism over the decades:

  1. Most of our incomes have stagnated or gotten lower over the past three decades in terms of purchasing power due to across-the-board supply-side tax cuts by Ronald Reagan.
  2. Reagan reversed the Jimmy Carter Mental Health Systems Act which led to an increase in homelessness in our cities and violence in both urban and suburban areas.
  3. The Share Holders fallacy that corporations sole duty is to interests of the shareholders, while the taxpayers pick up their tab while no longer caring about the needs of their employees, customers, or communities they conduct business with; during this pandemic, it is crystal clear the continuation of crippling capitalism for the 99% while there is socialism for the opulent.
  4. Civil rights for blacks, women, Native Americans, and just about anyone who was not a white Christian male were actively attacked to be rolled back; Reagan was obtuse enough to try to veto the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1988.
  5. The failure and hypocrisy of the War on Drugs that systematically went after poor and people of color, while involved with Iran-Contra Affair which linked the origins of crack cocaine in California to the contras, a guerrilla force backed by the Reagan administration that attacked Nicaragua’s Sandinista government during the 1980s.
  6. Reinstated slavery through the 13th Amendment, which allows forced prison labor. We now have U.S. prisoners assembling products for household name corporations for as little as 25 cents an hour. These policies continued under Bill Clinton and his 1994 crime bill that coined the phrase of blacks as “super predators” by Hillary Clinton.
  7. Landmark case, Citizens United was voted in that opened up a torrent of cash that has drowned out the people’s choice to hold politicians accountable to their constituents that now favor the monied interests of corporations, where George Bush was the architect on selecting Alito and Roberts into the Supreme Court.
  8. The failure of oversight by the federal government to hold all states accountable to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which ended Jim Crow and interference with black people’s right to vote. Now, the rights of black, brown, and low-income people’s right to vote are being undermined by bogus Voter ID laws and voter suppression that have no reason to exist.
  9. Bill Clinton was key in kicking off the 2008 financial crisis by pushing for the  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, a cornerstone of Depression-era regulation. He also signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which exempted credit-default swaps from regulation. 
  10. George Bush and Dick Cheney’s systematically lied to the American public that created the “forever wars” in the Middle East that have been brought to light by the Afghanistan Papers for their own personal financial gain and the interests of Wall Street. Bush and Cheney are recognized on a global stage as war criminals for torture programs and the death of 1 million innocent civilians due to those wars. In addition, Barack Obama failed to act to hold Bush and Cheney criminally complicit for exploiting the White House as war-criminals profiteers, while continuing US hegemony that is criticized as a failure in the eyes of the world.  
  11. Barack Obama guaranteed no one from Wall Street would be criminally liable to their predatory mortgage practices that foreclosed on over 3 million families that became homeless. This failure by Obama to hold Wall Street criminally liable has allowed for Steve Mnuchin to continue to work in Washington where he is Secretary of the Treasury instead of being in prison for his involvement in the 2008 mortgage crisis. 
  12. Donal Trump’s whole presidency since 2016 is easily defined as a kleptocracy, where Wall Street is in his pocket as he continues to use the White House and taxpayer money for his own personal gains, so far totaling $1 million dollars that just scratches the surface of his grifting the taxpayer’s dole.
  13. The current pandemic has shown bipartisan support by both parties for socialism for the rich where  3.5 stimulus bills have passed giving out close to $5 trillion dollars to corporations, while the people have only been given a one-time stimulus check of $1200 as the economy slips into depression-era unemployment. It truly shows that the US is a socialist country, where it’s socialism for the rich, while the poor and middle class are subjected to crippling capitalism. Other countries of the world have protected their people with free health care and a UBI during this pandemic, while in America these are policies our politicians believe we should not have.
  14. Insider trading exemptions that both parties exploit today, where 60 Minutes had revealed legal loopholes for politicians to sell political intelligence, trade stocks before the public knows, or take IPO instead of cash for political favors. In 2011 the focus was on GOP members Spencer Bachus, John Boehner, establishment democrat Nancy Pelosi. We are seeing this play out again during the COVID-19 pandemic where Diane Feinstein, Richard Burr, and Kelly Loeffler have all been accused of insider trading being investigated by the FBI.  
  15. Speaker Pelosi is currently pushing for a $25 billion dollar bailout of D.C. lobbyists, while the poor and middle class are still being left behind.
  16. Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden has also had a career of working for Wall Street where he has pledged to veto any bill for Medicare for All as he is bankrolled by healthcare Super PACs. Biden’s career legacy was key in also not allowing students to declare bankruptcy on student loans by being in the pockets of the credit card industry which was key in the student debt crisis we are seeing today. 

This is just a shortlist that outlines and highlights the bipartisan support and agenda over the decades that shows as the GOP pushes the Overton Window to far-right extremism, the democratic establishment emphatically refuses to equalize the damage back left to represent the needs of the people as Wall Street has a vested interest in both parties. This phenomenon is called the “ratchet effect,” where we have a duopoly political system that presents itself under the guise of the illusion of choice as politicians are pandering to voters while being beholden to the monied interests of the opulent and corporations. 

This then leads to the lesser of two evils capitulation of this duopoly system that gives the people the illusion of choice, when in fact it is one of two hand-picked Wall Street candidates to choose from where the people’s needs are still sidelined by corporate interests. You then must ask yourself, when we are forced to always vote for the lesser of two evils between this two-party system is the public winning when forced to select one of two Wall Street captured candidates that is viewed as the lesser evil?

The founders called this two-party system “the corrupt relics of the monarchical British system” that still exists today where the monarchs are now the Amazons, Tesla, Wells Fargo, and Bank of Americas that replaced the elites and monarchs of old Britan in this modernized corporate-captured autocracy that we live under today. It is time to correct this flawed two-party system and the ratchet effect it has created that has immobilized any representation of the people that the founder of the United States feared and warned against. 

At Sunbloc, our system is designed to make the two-party system a moot point by empowering all citizens, prioritizing policies like college and healthcare for all, in addition to holding politicians accountable to the people, not just the opulent.

Money and Corruption in Plain Sight: We Now Know the Rules of the Game


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us.”

― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

Since the United States went into the Second World War extensively late, it didn’t endure as much harm or setbacks as different nations had across Europe. It additionally helped that its geographical-proximity shielded its urban areas from enduring the infrastructural harm seen across urban communities in Europe and Asia. This, partially, helped the American Empire to supplant the British Empire (in spite of the fact that  Britain is still an imperial power) as the worldwide hegemonic leader, particularly when the American economy set aside less effort to recuperate in correlation. Thus started the all-autocratic-walk of the U.S. Dollar, without a doubt the American empire’s most impressive articulation of its worldwide control of an antiquated and imposing business model which has led to the growth of despotic autocracies both here at home and the globe over. The repugnant blended fortunes of US hegemony tied to the US dollar proposes that it is untimely to ignore the very real possibilities for the worldwide administrative failure of the western-populist autocrats, where it is now clearer than ever that we need a new system of checks and balances to empower the people across the globe to deal with the ever-encroaching threat of a growing number of dictatorships in the world that have a vested interest in the US market and political system to influence those markets at the expense of interests and wellbeing of the people.

We can qualify this autocratic threat on the world stage when looking at the work of the World Justice Project’s (WJP) report called the “Rule of Law Index.” This study by WJP explains that limits on governments’ powers, such as independent judiciaries, free media and legislative oversight of executives, have declined significantly in countries such as China, Egypt, Hungary, the Philippines, Brazil, and Turkey. “One of the most striking things about the degradation of the rule of law is that it is being effected through laws and legal institutions. The law itself is being hijacked and used to erode checks on power,” says Elizabeth Anderson, WJP’s executive director.

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the revelations of the Panama Papers, and now the Ukraine scandal that enshrines Paul Manafort, Viktor Yanukovich and Donald Trump,  we now know the rules of the game and how the world’s currency of the US dollar is a benchmark for the growth of dictatorships and autocratic regime leaders that are propped up by corruption and theft of their taxpaying citizens both here at home and abroad.  It centers on unfettered access to the US dollar to propagate the theft of taxpaying citizens worldwide by despotic leaders who thrive on the value of the US dollar while US politicians are willfully looking the other way to this ever-growing autocratic threat based on the cannibalistic nature of capitalism. Scholar Michael Parenti explains the predatory nature of the capitalistic mythos:

The free-market mythology, it argues that the most ruthless, selfish, opportunistic, greedy, calculating plunderers applying the most heartless measures in cold-blooded pursuit of corporate interests and wealth accumulation will produce the best results for all of us through something called the invisible hand…

These ‘ruthless, selfish, opportunistic, greedy, calculating plunderers’ and political leaders the world over are now using geopolitical access to our money supply as the means to perpetuate their thirst and theft of money of their own citizens for their own self-interests. Investigative journalist and author of Moneyland, Oliver  Bullough states

Estimates for the total amount stolen each year from the developing world range from a massive $20 billion to an almost unimaginable trillion dollars…

Donald Trump and Paul Manafort have had a working relationship since the 1980s, where in the early 90s Manafort with Roger Stone and Charles Black and their lobbying firm called Black, Manafort & Stone (Ronald Reagan’s advisors)  were key political advisors for Trump through periodical lobbying initiatives, until their full-time commitment to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. It was at this point Manafort used his prior working relationship with Viktor Yanukovich in fleecing the Ukraine taxpayer’s coffers, where Bullough explains Manafort’s agenda through the access to US markets:

In Ukraine, Yanukovich and his ruling clique ran a shadow state operation, which operated alongside the official government apparatus. Instead of ruling, they stole. Where taxes were are to be paid, they took bribes to help people avoid them. Where permits were being given, they awarded them to their friends. Where businesses were flourishing, they sent policemen to demand protection money. State officials moonlighted for the shadow state, neglecting their real duties for their more lucrative side careers. Ukraine had 18,500 prosecutors, who operated like foot soldiers for a mafia don. If they decided to take you to court, the judge did what they asked. With the entire legal system onside, insiders’ opportunities to make money were limited only by their imaginations

We have a corruption problem tied to our US money supply, where we are allowing dictatorships and kleptocratic regimes to have access to US markets while treating their people as slaves through oppression, where it is affecting lives both here at home and abroad. 

Since Donald Trump has taken the presidency, he and his family have funneled $1.9 billion dollars through the violation of the emoluments clause, and $133 million dollars of taxpayer money for personal use on Mar-a-Lago golf trips. Coupled with Trump’s fondness of autocrats in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Russia we are seeing how the US system is still not holding politicians accountable to the threat of retrogression and the influence of world leaders that have a horrendous histories of civil and humanitarian rights abuses against their people. 

When it comes to the USD and foreign influence upon the US political system, China is one example where they have ownership of $1.1 trillion dollars of the US bond market while being one of the most oppressive autocratic regimes in the world where they have enslaved millions of Muslim Uyghurs in concentration and forced labor camps. There is a major conflict of interest to the moral turpitude that US businesses like Nike and Apple, along with 83 other well-known brands, thrive on China’s political construct that created this atrocious system of enslavement of their own people.

To further explain this conflict of interest, we have just found a damning report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that explains China’s enslavement of the Uyghurs people as a hotbed for the US and Wall Street stocks to soar:

It is difficult for Uyghurs to refuse or escape these work assignments, which are enmeshed with the apparatus of detention and political indoctrination both inside and outside of Xinjiang. In addition to constant surveillance, the threat of arbitrary detention hangs over minority citizens who refuse their government-sponsored work assignments. Most strikingly, local governments and private brokers are paid a price per head by the Xinjiang provincial government to organise the labour assignments…

‘Work assignments’ is the desensitized whitewashing of the term “slave labor” that the Uyghurs are being inflicted by the autocratic government of China. 

China tries to control the narrative of their corruption through open access to US-run businesses as well. Here in the US, China is the primary investor in a popular website called Reddit. Reddit is known as “the front page of the internet” and is now actively censoring US political discord and dissent for the interests of its partnership with China-owned Tencent. Tencent, a multinational Chinese conglomerate now has a $300 million dollar stake in Reddit, and have been actively censoring popular subreddits of r/HongKong in the wake of the Honk Kong protests. 

In fact, censorship is so blatant on Reddit, be it through China’s interests or those monitoring dissent here in America, there is a handy tool that scans popular subreddits that shows how blatant Reddit is at trying to oppress the voice of the people. It’s a great way to see if your voice is also being censored as well, give it a try and please donate to the developer for their hard work. If you have a Reddit account you can enter your user name or subreddit that you visit and it will show comments or posts that have been censored by Reddit’s moderators; in this case, the below picture shows blatant censorship by moderators to suppress the protesters of Hong Kong. 



When it comes to access to the USD and dictatorships, Vladimir Putin has been on the forefront of state run democratic backsliding, while siphoning off hundreds of billions of dollars from his chokehold on Russia and oppression of his own people.  

It is well known that Russia operates as a dictatorship under Vladimir Putin, while labeling their system under the pseudonym of a “federal semi-presidential republic.” Russia, under Putin’s leadership and veneer of democratic legitimacy, has operated a corrupt government for over two decades. The list of Putin’s abuses of his people are clear he rules by force and not by the will of the people:

  1. Long history of killing critics of his polices
  2. Imprisoning dissenters at 61 people so far
  3. Laws limiting free assembly and other civil rights

What makes Russia an issue for the US on the political spectrum is that Donald Trump is envious of autocrats like Putin that rule with an iron fist. He openly talks about his admiration of Putin and the way he rules the people of Russia. It is a very telling sign when we are seeing retrogression play out today with our own political system where Trump mirrors tactics of wanting America to be ruled in the same way as his engrossing fondness of Putin. Trump state’s his envious view of Putin’s leadership is a series of quotes:

  1. Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow – if so, will he become my new best friend?
  2. I do have a relationship [with Vladimir Putin] and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today… He’s probably very interested in what you and I are saying today, and I’m sure he’s going to be seeing it in some form, but I do have a relationship with him and I think it’s very interesting to see what’s happened.
  3. Putin has shown the world what happens when America has weak leaders. Peace Through Strength!
  4. I will tell you that I think in terms of leadership, he is getting an ‘A’…
  5. I don’t know who Putin is.

We are seeing Trump’s hypocrisy of leading the US in similar fashion as Putin, where he is now showing signs he is intentionally meddling in our US elections by appointing Louis DeJoy to USPS director. DeJoy is currently being sued by several states by stifling mail-in voting in hopes of having Trump win another electoral college victory. There is an opportunity to punish autocratic threats when they are actively subverting the rule of law and what left of our democracy we still have in the US today; it must be to hold corruption in check, be it here at home or abroad. We refer back to Oliver Bullough who states:

For Russia, however, 52[%] percent of household wealth is offshore, outside the reach of the government.

In this case, if the SunBloc system was implemented today, Russia would have to rectify those assets in compliance with the SunBloc Bill of Rights to have those funds be available and released back to them, which in this case would put a hard stop on Russia’s autocratic ideologies since their whole government is a violation of our Bill of Rights. This actually solves a prisoner’s dilemma as well, where the US as a country and people would have the opportunity to hold the opulent, crony politicians, lobbyists, and autocratic threats in check by forcing a rectification of funds through the SunBloc system. In the next few sections, we will explain the SunBloc system and how this will be achieved later. In essence, the SunBloc system is an anti-corruption system that empowers citizens no matter their political affiliation.

It’s SunBloc’s claim that our system based on a coalition of democratic state-owned public banks put federal withholdings into escrow when any public servant, lobbyist, oligarch, or foreign interest undermines the interests, wellbeing, or violates the constitution against the masses of this country, the Sunbloc bill of rights would have to be in compliance with any foreign entity that wants to have access to US markets. We will talk about how the Sunbloc system operates to push accountability onto our public servants and will also be a tool to emphatically punish and autocratic threats here in the US and the world over, where both China and Russia will have no choice but to comply. 

The Next Currency War: Less War, More SunBloc


“Victory or defeat will be determined by the skill and ingenuity of our scientists. If we put them to work making poison gas and more and more fiendish mechanical and explosive instruments of destruction, they will have no time for the constructive job of creating greater prosperity for all peoples.”

   –  Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

In the previous section, we’ve talked about how the US dollar has been the benchmark currency when it comes to the currency of choice for autocratic leaders, where there is no true system to hold politicians accountable when having unfettered access to the US dollar when they act against the interests of their citizens, where this economic system that the US economy is propped upon is in actuality opening up the United States to unrestrained access by foreign countries that are also undermining our political system here at home. 

The SunBloc system corrects massive flaws in the US government and holds politicians accountable through a new concept of currency wars and sanctions, where we create a prisoners’ dilemma of the oppressed and unrepresented people that our current two-party system is neglecting, where both the Democratic establishment and the GOP are highly influenced by flooding of corporate money that has corrupted the United States since Ronald Reagan, and the disastrous Citizens United ruling that allowed corporate personhood to supersede the interests of citizens of the people, silencing their voices.

During this pandemic and California’s wildfires, Trump has made it very clear that he is more than willing to hold blue states hostage by bankrupting them into autocratic compliance. Former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, Miles Taylor states:

He told us to stop giving money to people whose houses had burned down from a wildfire because he was so rageful that people in the state of California didn’t support him and that politically it wasn’t a base for him…

To understand how to put autocratic threats in check by our currently flawed system of the US federal government, we must step back a moment to realize how the USD dollar came into existence as a leading global currency. Throughout the United States’ historic timeline we have had three currency wars in the modern-20th century where Guillermo Valencia Arana,  Master in Management, Technology, and Economics from University Zürich explains (PDF):

The first currency war began with the panic of 1907 along with the collapse of the gold standard in 1913. It ended with the Bretton Woods standard in 1945 along with a new hierarchy of geopolitical power. This new hierarchy was backed by a technological revolution in the automobile, petrochemical and electricity industries. The second currency war began with the collapse of the Bretton Woods Standard in 1971 along with the oil crisis in 1973. It ended with the failure of the European Exchange Mechanism and the collapse of the Soviet Union. This new hierarchy of geopolitical power was backed by a technological revolution in microprocessors, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industry. The third currency war began in 1997 with the Asian, Russian and dot-com crisis along with the emergence of the Euro as a challenger to the US dollar hegemony. I claim that this currency war will end with a new international monetary standard along with a new hierarchy of geopolitical power. Indeed, a new technological revolution would back this new hierarchy of power.

It is through this history of vying for power of a hegemonic currency through geopolitical interests and the corruption tied to our country’s money supply that the United States has lost its place as a nation that was once thought as a 1st world leader in both political and ideological policies of the free world.  Our current allies are now dwindling because of the failures of the politicians to represent the interests of the people while pandering to corporate interests through their autocratic bullying. Henry Ferell and Abraham Newman of Foreign Affairs explains how since the Afghanistan Papers and the Iraq War, the United States has lost its facade as a leader for freedom, but that as an autocratic threat to the countries it occupies. Ferell and Newman state:

Washington’s stranglehold over the Iraqi economy is an extreme example of a broader, worrying trend: more and more often, the United States is using its privileged role as custodian of the global financial system to coerce and punish those who object to its methods, be they friend or foe. It has slowly usurped a system intended to provide benefits to the world at large and made of it an instrument for its own geopolitical goals.

In turning financial relationships into a tool of empire, the United States follows in the footsteps of ancient Athens. The experience of this predecessor does not augur well for Washington. Athens used its financial power to abuse its allies and in doing so precipitated its own ruination. The United States risks doing the same.

The time is now for a new system of checks and balances, where the people are the ultimate check against runaway governmental corruption, both here at home and abroad.  Money is the main ingredient to this system that corruption thrives on, where we need to think outside of the textbooks to rectify the injustices that our political system depends on our federal withholdings while neglecting the needs and will of the people, while catering to the opulent and corporate interests. 

If there was ever a reason to hold our government accountable on wasteful spending that does not address where our tax dollars should go, the coronavirus pandemic is by far the most drastic and historic calamity that must be addressed immediately by runaway military spending, and cronyism by US politician’s self-interest. SunBloc and its platform can be used on military campaigns to enable countries looking to overthrow corrupt regimes or authoritarian leaders to set up a monetary system where the SunBloc tokens are pegged to the US dollar and state bank assets and are also tethered to a global-digital-bill of rights (SunBloc tokens is defined here) that triggers escrow in these regions of conflict, where sales and business taxes are put into escrow as a form of sanctions, and only released back out to that country’s sovereign economy if their people’s digital bill of rights is honored. 

Instead of drone strikes, and laying waste to foreign countries, or forcing our allies to be pigeonholed into policies and ideologies of a corporate-captured authoritarian interest, we let the citizens and businesses of these conflict zones to have access to set up their own currency system outside of an oppressive regime or authoritarian leaders ability to stop this decentralized monetary and political system, where the common man of any country in the world may organize and join the SunBloc platform and movement.

By having this passive system where the US military can train and implement the SunBloc system in these regions of conflict, you will save 30% or $444 billions of dollars on deployments, weapons, and the staggering loss of life by simply allowing the people in these regions to liberate themselves by giving them a monetary and political platform that puts a stop to the corruption of oppressive world leaders, be it here in the US, China or Russia that we are seeing today.