The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Let’s embark on this historic journey together to change a system that represents all people, not just the opulent through a new Digital Bill of Rights. SunBloc core belief is to be a transparent movement for change, to create a society that empowers all Americans and amplifies their voice for change so that all can be free from a Plutocracy that exploits taxpayers without full political representation.

  • We believe in Criminal Justice System Malpractice insurance. This would allow the invisible hand of capitalism to weed all of those in law enforcement that are a safety risk to society and burden to taxpayers, along with getting rid of qualified immunity.
  • We believe climate change is a global killer and that a Constitutional Amendment needs to guarantee that the US must switch to a 100% renewable energy system within the next 8 years and into perpetuity for the benefit of future generations.
  • We believe any public servant to the people, both in local and national government must not trade stocks or utilize a blind trust to trade stocks while in office.
  • We believe that the current US political system needs to have transparent and automatic voting and registration system for all Americans when they reach the age of 16, barring gerrymandering, and the corruption of purging voters from any US citizens with legal residency to participate in their local and national elections.
  • We believe in ranked-choice voting in primaries elections, while there is a need to switch to a parliamentary system similar to Germany’s system that stifles corruption and fascism so that voting citizens have their full voice heard, and to prevent voter manipulation or voter suppression of our broken-two-party system.
  • We believe that the US criminal justice system must be regulated where all agents of the criminal justice system must hold personal liability insurance to hold their credentials and work in the criminal justice system; the public should not be a blank check for police and criminal justice misconduct. The only way to keep the Criminal Justice System honest is to invoke the tried-and-true antiquated economic theory of free-market enterprise of capitalism to force unbiased accountability.
  • We believe that the US criminal justice system must be equal and fair to any and all individuals, no matter their ethnicity, economic situation, for both foreign and domestic citizens, or religious beliefs, a criminal justice system that is equal to all, not just favoring the rich and elite. No person or corporation is above the law!
  • We believe no Judge may hold lifetime appointments in any level or capacity of the law or judicial system
  • Ban Assault Weapons, High-Capacity Magazines, and Bump Stocks. It’s clear that the Founding Fathers did not have assault weapons in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. These machines of war were brought over to the civilian market in the 1980s, alongside high-capacity magazines, and dramatically increase the death toll of mass shootings where used.
  • Mandate Universal and Improved Background Checks for Firearm Purchases. The federal background check system has a dangerous loophole: felons, domestic abusers, and the seriously mentally ill can buy guns off of the internet or at gun shows without going through a background check. These cases are not rare: 1 in 5 gun owners obtained their most recent gun without a background check. And unsurprisingly, those barred from buying guns gravitate towards a “private sale”—another dangerous loophole in the background check system where firearm offenders are overwhelmingly likely to obtain weapons.
  • Require Domestic Abusers and Stalkers to Surrender Their Firearms
    The availability of guns heightens the stakes of intimate partner violence and domestic abuse. On average, more than 760 Americans are shot to death by current or former partners each year. Yet federal laws meant to block domestic abusers from obtaining guns do not close the “intimate partner gap,” in which a partner convicted of abuse can buy a gun if they don’t live with, or have a child with, the victim of abuse. Federal laws also fail to prevent convicted stalkers or subjects of restraining orders from buying guns. Worst of all, once convicted of domestic abuse, abusers can keep any firearms they currently possess – and then continue to commit crimes with guns they would fail the background check for.
  • Require Congresspeople to take no money from the gun lobby or private equity companies that invest in the firearms industry. Gun lobby money is the number one barrier to getting any meaningful action on guns accomplished in Congress. The NRA has invested millions of dollars to make sure our politicians keep our gun laws weak and our children at risk. This is also not just a Republican problem — many Democrats take millions of dollars from private equity companies that own large stakes in gun companies and stand to lose millions of dollars if gun laws are made stricter.
  • We need a Federal Jobs Guarantee. To eliminate involuntary unemployment by creating living-wage, socially beneficial jobs for the millions of Americans who want and need work ― essentially making employment a fundamental right.
  • LGBT rights of US citizens will be recognized in full and equal weight as any other citizens up to the President.
  • Roe V Wade is a right for all women to have inalienable rights over their body and in accordance with scientific health screenings of their physician
  • All people of the US have a right to shelter, food, education, healthcare and a fair minimum wage that matches inflation of the current day and year so as to have a level playing field for all to pursue their dreams of success, security, and wealth as they deem fit.
  • Single Payer is a right to all as a foundation for overall health and affordable pricing for medication. No US citizen will go bankrupt due to healthcare.
  • Labor and the US workforce have the right to own their work and to negotiate with Oligarchs and business owners to pursue a fair wage for their work. Any attempt to infringe on this, be it through the stock market, or lobbying or other nefarious means would be prohibited.
  • The 13th amendment is prohibited in regards to prison-slave labor. All people deserve fair pay, career advancement, and job placement, and the right to vote.
  • Universal Basic Income is needed to prevent the fallout of robotics and artificial intelligence displacing and replacing jobs, while there is a need to increase microeconomies and help the destitute that needs access to services and goods that would otherwise be neglected through government-run programs.
  • Religion is prohibited in politics in any nature or capacity, while personal beliefs are up to the citizens’ discretion, where the government has no say when practiced within their own private or public space if properly licensed to do so.
  • Overturn Citizens United and no money in politics, where politicians may be barred from private-sector workers if they have been elected as a public official to draft laws in a said sector that can be deemed quid pro quo in any capacity, even if it was legal at one time.
  • Reparations for Native American and African American people for the injustices they experienced in the past and today that need to be addressed so as to be a, we believe that the success of America that was created through slavery or through genocide needs to be dealt with.


This is the foundation of a new digital bill of rights, where these rights must be guaranteed for all voters and taxpayers that are having their voices stifled by the corruption and influence of money in politics, and foreign interests that interfering without elections and political system. The US taxpayer should be recognized as the largest lobbying group through their tax generation that goes to the Federal Government. To date, personal income taxes have generated $1.4 trillion dollars, while corporations only paid $262 billion dollars. Yet, corporations are using their vast wealth to lobby and financially influence politicians day in and day out to create laws that exploit the rest of the country, be it harming the environment, income inequality, healthcare, education, or even just trying to find affordable shelter. When you add foreign interests and oligarchs that politicians pander to, is there no way for the common person in the United States combat against the corruption and influence of outside interests and their money? The scales of justice in the eyes of the government is heavily leaning towards the monied interests and not the majority of voters.

SunBloc is a platform to empower voters where their tax generation is awarded and used as a form of lobbying to hold a corrupt US Government and politicians accountable if they fail to do their full duty to fight for the interests of their voters as public servants; they are public servants to serve the voting public’s interest, not the other way around. SunBloc is a platform, where US fiat is pegged to SunBloc tokenized currency and smart contracts that trigger escrow when the US Government is acting corrupt or against the majority’s interests. It is a peaceful and passive resistive platform that empowers labor and voters to continue to work while leveraging their tax dollars to be their voice to combat authoritarian laws of Citizens United and dark money interests.

Now is the time for a new constitution and bill of rights that is tethered to our money supply and a tax system that will force the change that is needed in the digital age of our modern society.

The current US constitution has not been changed to meet these demands in over 230 years, which is why SunBloc is introduced to fix a broken system that is needed today. SunBloc is a global currency, backed by labor-buying power and tax generation of Blue State voting citizens, a system that is made up of three parts that will work together to guarantee a more inclusive and transparent US Government that both US citizens and our Allies abroad will begin to grow trust accountability immediately:

  1. SunBloc is built on the secure, decentralized, scalable, and reliable blockchain;
  2. It is backed by a reserve of Blue State Income tax, consumer spending, and secure tokenization as a pegged currency with 1:1 value of USD; flagged from hacking or manipulation by any outside entities, even the US Government;
  3. It is governed by stakeholders, where the common voter and Blue State citizen is the majority voter and stakeholder on smart contracts and policies of the US Government;
  4. Smart contracts are designed to trigger Federal Withholdings into escrow accounts when the US Federal Government is corrupt or acting against the will of their voters;
  5. A truly public banking system, free of predatory fees and loans that private banks are known for while being propped up by a Digital Constitution and Bill of Rights tethered to it to guarantee transparency and accountability; taxation through representation is the heart of SunBloc.


The SunBloc currency is built on the “SunBloc Blockchain.” It is intended to address US problems of our Government, while also being a platform on a global level to influence countries and citizens that are also being oppressed by regimes or corrupt Governments, where citizens across the globe may participate in growing the SunBloc ecosystem to free themselves and hold their governments accountable and force change peacefully. Each SunBloc participating US State or Country will have the same features of putting VAT or income taxes into escrow through consumer or labor power. Merchants or political movements that need the ability to force change in their country can register to see if they qualify to participate to use SunBloc as their platform for social, economic, and political justice and change.

To enable the SunBloc ecosystem to fulfill its vision of bringing justice to the common man, SunBloc Blockchain has been built from the ground up and prioritizes scalability, security, and efficiency in storage and throughput, and future adaptability.

The unit of currency is called “Blocs.” Blocs will be accepted in all Blue States that join the SunBloc Coalition and will have easy access for those that participate and want to use it. The SunBloc Association is an independent, not-for-profit membership that works with stakeholders (Blue State Citizens and voters) headquartered in San Francisco, California. The association’s purpose is to coordinate and provide a governance framework for the network, smart contracts, and analyzing laws and policies that can trigger smart contract escrow for stakeholders to vote on every year biannually.

Examples of potential association members that are welcomed to join and invited by the SunBloc Association are:

  • Sunrise Movement
  • ACLU
  • SunBloc
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

As this list grows of trusted association members, SunBloc will have an independent infrastructure to have a “in real-time” network of trusted nonprofits that keep the SunBloc platform up to date on issues, policies, or laws that would trigger smart-contract escrow which would have either unintended/intended harm against the majority interests of SunBloc voters and citizens; Climate Change, Roe V Wade, income inequality, Medicare For All, Open and Free Internet, etc.

SunBloc is a “permissioned blockchain” where there are a series of requirements to be a Stakeholders or operating Business. To be a stakeholder on the SunBloc Network are as follows:

Citizen Stakeholder requirements

  1. Must reside in a Blue state (democratic majority state) that has signed on as a member of the SunBloc Coalition
  2. Must have proof of residency and work 3/4th of the fiscal year in a SunBloc State
  3. Can vote as a  SunBloc Stakeholder at the age of 16 automatically
  4. Have a valid US social security number; EIN from businesses will not be recognized

Businesses that reside in a SunBloc State must acknowledge that they will have to be properly licensed again to legally operate their business so as to have access to the SunBloc Banks and income tax system to continue operating.

Business Licensing Requirements

  1. Businesses and corporations need to set up a SunBloc State Bank Accounts and acknowledge that SunBloc State Bank will act as “owner” to force federal withholdings into escrow accounts
  2. The definition of “owner” does not mean SunBloc is the owner of your business but is using the language to force federal withholdings to pass through SunBloc’s State Bank first, where then business owners still have access to their funds at any time.
  3. No business may hire private military or off-duty police to strike down any facet of the SunBloc’s coalition or it’s stakeholders in any capacity, be it in blue or red states.
  4. No business can operate without being fully 100% renewable or paying to fully offset carbon emissions in their capacity to conduct business.