At SunBloc, we demand progressive politicians adhere to a set of statutes to stay committed to their voter’s interests, and to maintain good standings to receive funding donations throughout their time in public office. This allows for political accountability and to cut out corporate interests. As SunBloc grows, we will be taking feedback directly from progressive constituents that would like to add more relevant statutes to strengthen the accountability of  progressive politicians.


It is clear that progressives are running on popular policies such as Medicare for All, free public colleges, criminal justice reform, and a living wage, but there are still issues when it comes to accountability to hold politicians to their campaign promises. At SunBloc the first statue to qualify for SunBloc grants is to maintain a voting record that forces amendments under popular progressive policies that got them elected to public office in the first place.


Transparency is key to acting as a progressive bloc that shows we are unified and to hold our politicians accountable to the people. To maintain transparency, all progressive candidates must show a record that they will not take donations from corporations or Super PACs outside of the SunBloc PAC partnership network. We know that getting money out of politics is key to transparency, and to protect that transparency we need to unify as one to have the people be the main interests of politicians, not Wall Street or dark money Super PACs.

Rider-Bloc Coalition

There is no leverage for change if progressive continue to vote on the lines and interests of establishment democrats without demands. Establishment democrats continue to ignore progressives for committees, while stifling the progressive caucus through alienation of our policies after they get our votes in primary races. To stop this circular cycle where establishment democrats still won’t listen to us, we are demanding any progressive politicians that are awarded a SunBloc grant must, as a single compact, attach amendments to any bill as a rider-bloc coalition. By forming a rider-bloc coalition on key policies, we subvert the rules committees no matter whom is the majority, be it the the GOP or Democrats, through a pro-progressive-partisan coalition. This allows for non-germane language to be added to alter a bill from it’s original content or intent (an example of this is to add a rider to the annual US defense budget). This enables the breaking of the current two party system the founders declared a cancer that is our current government today.


Force Acts to Become Bills

The only way we can force change in this two-party system is to maintain a strict set of strategies that unify and strengthen SunBloc’s coalition of progressive candidates. One such strategy is to vote as a bloc for-or-against bills by demanding progressive Acts be approved to become Bills by withholding votes if committees continue to ignore our demands. We most leverage our votes in congress to force concessions of approved Riders or Acts being awarded Bill status, we then can force both parties to see us as a wedge-voting bloc that must be offered concessions for out votes.

SunBloc Media Appearances 

At SunBloc, we know that media has a heavy influence on how voters are informed about their candidates. We also know that the current progressive caucus tends to ignore or distance themselves from independent news outlets in favor of establishment media outlets that decide to hide truths from voters while maintaining the status quo. To force accountability of progressive candidates to stay within good standings of SunBloc Grants, all awardees must commit to appear on at least 4 progressive independent news media outlets per year that have been approved by SunBloc’s constituency .

Funding Can Not Be Shared Unless…

No progressive politician that is awarded SunBloc grants may share their grant money with any other politician that has not accepted the SunBloc requirements for funding and statutes of tactics and actions that are tied to funding.