Our Mission 

SunBloc’s mission is to empower a new movement in grassroots activism through passive crowdfunding of progressive and independent candidates that will be a benchmark for all future progressive campaigns and nonprofits by utilizing an army of people and their access to donate free BATs to build transparency, trust, and “people-powered-partyless PAC” going into 2021.

By growing this movement of browser-powered donations, we cut out the lobbyists, corporate interests, and career politicians that have Wall Street’s interests over the people. In addition, this allows any person no matter their socioeconomic background to join the SunBloc Movement and passively help grow a grassroots coalition that can become millions of people united against some of the most powerful interests groups and oligarchs that today’s politicians are becoming beholden to.

If a progressive politician is awarded an on-going SunBloc grant, they are opting-in to adhere to strict set of statutes to honor the interests of their constituents. It is our mission to force politicians to be solely influenced by the people, not the opulent.

At SunBloc, we are all one under the sun.