In this section, you will find a series of unique questions presented to us by the community of Reddit. We have picked the most common ones, where you will find our response to them. Our goal is to create a movement that empowers people, holds politicians accountable while creating a new system of checks and balances that is peaceful and fluid to the needs of modern society.

At SunBloc we truly believe we are all one under the sun, and we need a system that reflects that in the modern age and internet of things. You will see this section grow as popular questions are answered, so be sure to check back regularly.

  1. The first series of criticism comes from Reddit user Drysart who states:
  • That concept is unworkable from the start for many reasons: Most payroll taxes paid to the federal government from a state (let’s use California for this discussion) come from multi-state/multi-national companies or in-state companies who themselves rely on out-of-state financial resources, who will follow federal law over state law because they are exposed to severe consequences for not doing so.

Yes, California would be the main state this concept is designed for, being the world’s fifth-largest economy and the fact that Gavin Newsom declared it a nation-state, it is well suited for this concept.

States have the plenary authority to both create state-owned enterprise banks and to draft out any business licensing and regulatory laws it so deems fit without oversight by the federal government. This was exercised and protected through the use of 10th amendment, and we saw it in action with Obama and red-state use of it during the implementation of the ACA.

In addition, California has a history of enforcing state laws that supersede federal laws on immigration, and the Printz v US  decision (video explanation) is key here, which it declares the federal government has little to no power if a state refuses to comply unless the Fed Gov takes action themselves. Over the past 7 years, between 2010 and 2016 1500 federal laws have been nullified by states through this process.

The main concept for this is to be a decentralized bank, payment gateway, and accounting platform, where the state laws would require businesses to act as “agents” and the state as “owners” to force the federal withholding pass through. Any foreign accounting firm or financial services that hold any business in California would have to rectify all accounting through this system.

  • If a company doesn’t pay their taxes to the federal government, the individual still owes the tax, and all that means is that when it comes time to file their 1040 the balance will be due.

This concept is based on smart contracts, all federal withholding will automatically go to the federal government on their mandated bi-weekly or monthly payment cycle unless the smart contract finds that federal government violates California’s state Constitution and Bill of Rights, which mirrors the US Constitution, but with additional “positive rights” to hold all politicians accountable to the people. In addition, if the will of the people is not being recognized due to unforeseen gross negligence (this pandemic is a perfect example), escrow will be triggered. Once escrow is triggered, the federal government will be notified by California acting as “owner” of all withholdings that the federal government must comply with the constitution and the will of the people for the funds to instantly be released back to the government.

If the federal government just decides to print their own money in retaliation to California’s dissent, this will create hyperinflation identical to what happened during World War 1, where Germany refused to pay reparations while telling their labor force to stop working due to French occupancy, yet continued to print money. This dissent and negligent miscalculation by the Germans was a major factor in the game theory of this concept.

California is the gold standard in this case due to GDP, and compliance to California would be the only option for the federal government if they understand the dangers of the hyperinflation of the USD and without creating the real-world allocation of resources but to simply artificially print it; this is what is called a prisoners dilemma as well. It would force compliance unless the federal government wants to lose the purchasing power of the US dollar on the world stage.

  • If an individual doesn’t pay their taxes, the IRS can (and will) just issue a levy on their bank account and seize the necessary funds. Most individuals do not bank at California-only banks, and interstate banks will comply with the IRS (see point #1).

First off, all withholdings are paid in on time and in whole as long as the federal government does not violate the Constitution or the needs of the people to trigger escrow (point 2).

Since California would be acting as “owner” and businesses and labor as “agent,” this decentralized network also obscures all personal information of the people and businesses, where the Federal government would have to rectify with the State of California if so chooses to retaliate against the people or businesses. People of the state would have a free bank account that regulates control to access by any authoritarian entity or federal body that is overstepping their powers to uphold citizens’ rights as per the constitution and interests of the people. This is a decentralized network and banking system, there is no stopping bank accounts that would be created under the SunBloc system, it is designed for this exact scenario of an autocratic government stifling the rights of its citizens.

Being that there are over 40 million people residing in the state, the process to go down this route would be absolutely impossible and would put the US in an even darker light than it is already on the world stage. We are viewed as a failed state across the world, and it is the main premise to combat against slipping into the abyss of kleptocracy under Trump or a corporate-captured autocracy that is playing out today.

  • Any state law that prohibits compliance with federal law is invalid right from the start, and all it’ll take is a court to say so (and you’ll easily get a federal court to do that) and this whole doomed concept ends immediately unless this concept basically entails that a state effectively secedes from the union.

I will circle back with point 1 and include the nullification of the Constitution that we’ve seen under Trump during his impeachment hearing, where he voided out the current Constitution by ignoring due process of law by not allowing any witness at trial. The current system of checks and balances is not working on the premise of business as usual, when the rule of law is thrown out by individuals politicians that claim to be servants to the public but are utilizing political office to obstruct justice while profiteering from corporate interests and taxpayers as well.