We Are All One Under the Sun

SunBloc is uniting the people around the world against ever-growing autocracies through a new Digital Bill of Rights to prevent corruption in politics and irreversible climate change.


The Failure of our Justice System and Historic Racism in America

Our politicians have failed decade after decade to bring any significant change to combat police brutality, nor reign in the aftershocks of the disastrous 1994 crime bill that overtly targeted communities of color and the poor while ignoring the needs of the people. With the continuation of the schools-to-prison pipeline and a militarized police force, we need a massive overhaul of the justice system. At SunBloc we are pushing for Criminal Justice Malpractice Insurance for all that work in the criminal justice system so that they will be economically held accountable and not a burden to taxpayers.

We Need a New Bill of Rights

For over 230 years we have been living under an outdated and antiquated Constitution and Bill of Rights built upon ideologies of autocracy, where crony politicians and corporations are exploiting taxpayers and citizens of this country. It is time to add positive rights to protect citizens from corruption and a government that is truly not representing the people.

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Learn more about the history of the US and the constitution that has been the foundation for the diseases that created the symptoms of a failed government.

Time Has Run Out

Time has run out on politicians playing with the future of this planet, the United Nations has declared that we have less than ten years to fundamentally change our economy to combat irreversible climate change. We must push for the Green New Deal now to begin the process of reversing climate change before it is too late for the future of our children.

Legitimize the use of Hybrid Pacs

There are concerns of progressive coalitions utilizing Hybrid Pacs (Carey committees) in growing a stronger organizational front to combat against establishment funded Super Pacs. The gray area here is that the majority of progressive constituents have felt the exploitation of Citizens United compromises our elected officials that align themselves with any form of a Super Pac. At SunBloc we are fighting for the modification of the Carey Committee to create an additional option to file where only “small donations” are allowed for both segregated bank accounts associated with the Hybrid PAC, so as to legitimize the credibility of progressive advocacy groups that want to go this route.


The “Ratchet Effect” is showing the systemic failure of this two-party system that the Founders warned us about

We live under a duopoly system, with the illusion of choice, when in fact the Overton window has been systematically pushing US politics further and further right by the GOP since Ronald Reagan. In addition, the democratic establishment refuses to reverse policies back towards the left to maintain any equilibrium for political accountability or the interest of the people. In fact, both parties are working in bipartisanship for the interests of Wall Street, while creating factions between the people to distract us from the issues the public wants to be addressed. At SunBloc we want to end the two-party system the Founders declared will destroy the US and create a system that represents the people, not just the opulent.

Help SunBloc Grow While Protecting Your Privacy!

At SunBloc, we value your privacy and believe all people need the tools to protect yourself from an overtly authoritarian government that continues to exploit the Patriot Act in bipartisan support. The Brave browser allows you to protect your internet searches while being paid Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) to browse the web. Downloading Brave is free and helps raise funds for SunBloc. Download Brave today and help the SunBloc Movement without spending a dime!